Co-sponsored by Google: Advertising on Android lock screen


Ads on the lock screen of Android devices are not a new concept, but it may appear more in the near future. A project co-financed by Google wants to expand to the West.

Glance is a subsidiary of a large advertising technology company that plans to expand to the United States next month. Glance specializes in ads displayed on the lock screen of Android smartphones. We know of a similar form of advertising from Amazon, who sells their devices with displays (tablets, Kindles, etc.) at a slightly lower price for this ad.

Ads on smartphone lock screens can be even more popular

See you in a blink of an eye Start plant In collaboration with cell phone providers in the United States. It seems that through these ads, the service also makes it possible to offer devices to customers at a lower price. Glance is already a big hit in Asia, and now they probably want to conquer the American and Western markets with their own products.

Google is one of the biggest investors in Glance as well as Geo. After all, the advertising market is crucial for Google. You will get very, very big and important sales from it. We are not surprised that Google and other companies are working on new options. Netflix and other streaming services want to compensate for the high price through advertising and this could also be attractive for future smartphone sales.

Advertising can compensate for rising prices

I’ve never found ads annoying on Amazon devices. As a rule, I turn on the corresponding device and unlock it directly. So alternatively it can be a good option to reduce the price of the device or the rental price. However, it should not go out of hand and should be able to be unselected by customers at any time.

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