Comparison between Taylor and Hale in Bayonetta Atomics




As you probably already know, Helena Taylor did not attend Bayonetta 3. Instead, Jennifer Hale was responsible for bringing the character to life in the new installment. Although until recently there wasn’t enough material to make a worthy comparison between the two actresses, reviews of this title are already available, There is already a video that puts Taylor and Hale face to face or voice to voice

GameXPlain recently shared a video showing us how Hell’s Bayonetta sounds compared to Taylor’s Witch. Although there are clearly several distinct elements between the two actresses, It probably won’t be able to find much difference.

At the end of the day, Jennifer Hale is able to give a very good interpretation of Bayonet, which retains many of the elements that make this character special. But considering the controversies of this role, many may not be giving this actress a chance.

Bayonetta 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 28th. On related topics, you can check our review Bayonetta 3 Here.


Editor’s note:

Jennifer Hale’s work is top notch. While I understand that many people prefer to hear Helena Taylor speak, I wouldn’t mind if Hell returns as Bayonetta in a future fourth installment of the series.

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