Comparison of Sonic Frontier on PS5 and Nintendo Switch




Finally arrived sonic border In the video game market, with a slightly different take on what this installment of The Blue Hedgehog has to offer to the fanatical public. And while things are somewhat positive, many users have been surprised by the version switch Runs decent compared to other devices.

For a clear confirmation of the performance, comparison videos have already started to appear, viz Youtube to call GameExplainWhich shows us the footage of each version PS5 And Nintendo Switch. With slightly marked differences, but they don’t really hinder the gaming experience.

Here’s the video:

Information collected in this video:

PS5: performance mode = 1080p 60fps

PS5: Resolution Mode = 4K 30 fps

Nintendo switch (docked and portable) = 720p 30fps

Remember that Sonic Frontiers Available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Publisher’s Note: It’s a relief that Sonic Frontiers both delivered well in terms of decent performance for the Switch as well as being a game that fans are going to love. Hopefully SEGA’s streak continues with the next installments.


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