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If you have a desktop PC or a notebook and want to buy some really cool tech accessories without spending a fortune, then you’re in the right place. In fact, on this page we will recommend you some essential gadgets for your “calculator” that once you try them, you will never give them up.

Protective suit

Protective suit, 8/29/2022 –

Let’s start with one of these Nice protective case If you usually carry your laptop to work, school or other activities, enter it. It’s also convenient to tuck inside a backpack because it protects the computer from drops and bumps, and among the many models sold on Amazon, we chose the Basic line, which costs Just over 10 euros.
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Smart anti-theft backpack

Smart Backpack, 8/29/2022 -
Smart Backpack, 8/29/2022 –

Let’s stay on topic and continue with one Definitely the smart backpack. In fact, it is a product equipped with a double anti-theft system: one to “block” its hinge from malicious persons, and the second that uses RFID technology to protect their credit cards and digital data. Finally, it is equipped with a USB charging port and the price is 74.90 euros.
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HP Compact Mouse

Mouse HP, 29/8/2022 -
Mouse HP, 29/8/2022 –

Undoubtedly among the most useful accessories for PCs and notebooks MouseWireless is better, without wires. Obviously there are many for sale but among the many we chose the HP branded model Z3700. This is a peripheral weighing only 50 grams and with a “flat” design, resulting in a compact and easily transportable product.
Click here to buy it for 11.99 euros (-40%)

XXL mat with LEDs

XXL Matt, 29/8/2022 -
XXL Matt, 29/8/2022 –

We continue with one Comfortable mat with generous dimensions, Read 80 by 30 cm. It is a really useful product because it can be rolled up and therefore easily transported, and in addition, it is equipped with rgb lighting which makes everything really “cool”. The The price is 19.74 euros Thanks for the 21 percent discount.
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Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Tastiera Wireless, 29/8/2022 -
Tastiera wireless, 29/8/2022 –

This is another very handy accessory Wireless keyboard Visnar brand that weighs less than 200 grams, and also has a touchpad. Also, more or less like the above mat, it can be folded and hence easily transported anywhere. It has a battery that lasts 60 hours, is compatible with any operating system and smartphone and It costs 34.99 euros.
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UN HUB USB 6 in 1

Hub USB, 29/8/2022 -
Hub USB, 29/8/2022 –

Among the most used accessories in recent times, even one Hub USB That lets you keep a series of devices within reach for charging and connecting. Among the most interesting models is the Baseus which offers 6 ports, including ethernet, hdmi 4K and obviously USB A and C. Compatible with Mac and Windows, it includes a Priced at 39.99 euros.
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Anti reflective film

Anti-reflective film, 8/29/2022 -
Anti-reflective film, 8/29/2022 –

We also find one of the accessories for PCs and notebooks recommended by Wired Matte protective film which is applied to the display and which allows to eliminate the reflection effect, obviously for the benefit of vision and comfort. This is especially useful when using the PC “against the light” and when you are watching a movie, a TV series or a game. Among the most interesting models in this regard we find those with the Brotec brand The price is 15.99 euros.
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Notebook lift support

Notebook Support, 8/29/2022 -
Notebook Support, 8/29/2022 –

To get the most out of a notebook, especially if you’re like us who spend hours a day working on it, a Support that allows you to increase display As much as possible, in order to assume a posture that avoids “loading” the neck, keeping it as straight as possible. Besign’s solution includes an adjustable and foldable aluminum double “arm”, and is convenient and compact. The The price is 27.99 euros On sale.
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UNA Powerbank DA 25,000 MAH

Powerbank Maxi, 29/8/2022 -
Powerbank Maxi, 29/8/2022 –

A can be very useful if you work on a laptop but are unable to connect to power at the same time Power bankAnd Krisdonia da ben stands out among the many models on the market 25.000 mAh, Compatible with Windows and Mac, as well as smartphones and tablets. It is not a very affordable price, since you buy one 122.50 euros, But as mentioned above it turns out to be very useful, if your current is low.
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1 TB Toshiba external memory

Memoria Toshiba, 29/8/2022 -
Memoria Toshiba, 29/8/2022 –

A external memory Another handy accessory for a PC or notebook for backing up any type of file. In this case, pay attention to the excellent Toshiba branded solution with 1 Tb capacity, transfer up to 5 Gpbs via USB 3.2. The The price is 36.99 euros.
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Kits for cleaning notebooks, PCS and accessories

PC Clean Kit, 8/29/2022 -
PC Clean Kit, 8/29/2022 –

We close with one Kits for cleaning notebooks, PCs and accessories. If you take proper care of your technical products and you are among those who dedicate a few half hours to cleaning them in the evening, there is a dedicated kit for removing dirt from the keyboard, touchpad or display. There is a Spetseven branded kit Discounted price of 11.99 euros.
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