Consumers tear down poor Google support for Pixel devices



One repeatedly reads that the support from Google is rather poor. It doesn’t matter whether the request is for a faulty Pixel phone or Google software issues A post is currently going through the roof on the web, where Google support is literally torn.

Many people share their experiences, which are often negative in nature. Some say that Google support lacks real people. Often there are only general answers to queries, which do not actually answer the questions of the concerned customers and are therefore of no help.

Inadequate support from Google: Not an isolated incident

It’s more than just a single customer who gets upset over a bad experience online. Many people share negative opinions and experiences. Pixel devices often lag behind Google refers to repair service providers, who in turn refer to Google

Of course, it’s about sudden malfunctions that the user can’t do anything about and the manufacturer actually offers a guarantee. In fact, this guarantee is proving to be difficult to obtain. And that even in the company’s home country, where you should actually be well positioned.

As a rule, customers report rejected warranty requests. They don’t get a reason why a warranty repair or replacement isn’t done. Service providers that work with Google also do nothing for customers if there is no order from Google.

“This device is not eligible for warranty replacement.”

Can’t find reason for customer removal despite repeated inquiries. In the post example, contacting Google support took so long that the customer had to buy a new phone to be reached.

The customer in question had to deal with various managers and employees, each of whom gave an answer that was completely unsatisfactory. The “special party” states that the device, in which the display has simply failed, is not eligible for warranty replacement. Even the reason for this decision was not given.

Answer as from computer

The same answer over and over again makes some other users doubt whether real people are answering here and whether they even read the respective customer’s messages. I totally understand what u/Actual-Mousse8913 describes in his post when I see it.

Other users describe their own experiences, with highlights such as: “You are a joke. I started having temperature issues with my brand new Pixel Pro and they responded by reducing phone usage to avoid high temperatures.”

Of course, not all Google support requests are that disastrous. But it’s clear that some global corporations have problems here, and Google isn’t alone. Good support is critical to long-term customer loyalty, now more than ever. Google’s TrustPilot Review However, 1.2 they say a lot.

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