Contact lens with micro LED display, technical frenzy for augmented reality: it now exists and works well –


The first contact lenses were created with access to microlade displays and augmented reality functions. The lens is called Mojo Lens and it is produced by Mojo Vision: in fact it is a technological gadget with the smallest display in the world, only half a millimeter in diameter.

Mojo Lens, 5/7/2022 –

The project was announced in 2020 and after appropriate pre-clinical trials and an assessment of potential safety risks, Mojo’s managing director, Drew Perkins, decided Wear this super lens, And the results were nothing short of remarkable. The vibrating heart of the Mojo lens is a Display MicroLED from 14.000 ppi A very small diameter as mentioned above, and a physical distance between 1.8 µm pixels.

Mojo Lens, 5/7/2022 -
Mojo Lens, 5/7/2022 –

Contact lens with 0.5mm microlade display

A processor instead of a lens brain Arm core M0 “Which is designed specifically for lenses with integrated circuits (ASIC) – writes – ​​and a 5 GHz radio module that allows communication”. The lens is flanked by a Accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer Bespoke configuration which, Perkins says, “constantly track eye movements so that AR images remain stable as the eye moves.” adds: “We believe that it is also necessary to keep the AR contents stable in the case of eye movements, which are the micro-movements that affect the eye even when we believe that they are completely stationary”.

These micro lenses are powered by a proprietary management system and have some Medical-grade microbatteries. For the interface, however, it is simply controlled Eye movement And allows access to AR content; It will also be possible to run commands Voice. Definitely avant-garde information that is displayed through the lens, read a compass, an electronic jug with a quote and image. In order to sell the Mojo lens to the masses, one last step is required, that is to take it Extremely rigorous testing by the American FDA, Food and Drug Administration: Once the clinical test is passed, the appropriate certificate will be obtained, then it will be possible to enter the market. “Invisible computing of Mojo lenses – concludes – may be the perfect way for AR, even if there is still a long way to go”.


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