Cookie Run: Kingdom has released a collaboration with BTS – PIXEL.



Announced update for Com2uS Cookie Run: State K-pop collaboration Braver Together is available. In Braver Together, seven world-renowned K-pop icons BTS From playable cookies. As part of the event, in addition to numerous new content, rewards and promotions for all players, there will be a virtual concert BTS. Cookie Run: State can do Apple App Store and inside Google Play Store Free to download.

At Braver Together, event content Rhythm phase And battle stage A concert hall inspired by themed has been added. above Rhythm phase Rhythm is played, where players play to the rhythm of six BTSPlay music with event cookies. This stage offers two different modes: Den Rhythm Run Mode And Concert mode. i am Rhythm Run Mode Classic obstacles to avoid while monopolizing BTS-item Army bomb in collecting Concert mode Players highlight songs by tapping the notes read from the top of the screen at the right time The battle stage Consists of 12 steps. Turn off cookies here and BTS– Together with the cookies to face the bad guys who want to sabotage the concert.

die BTS-Cookies belong to special categories and differ from existing cookies by new types BTS. In the state, they can perform the same functions as existing cookies. It’s also possible to use them in all battle modes, huh BTS– and Cookie Run: State– Supporters give chance seven BTS-Members’ experiences are embedded into various content. There are also seven exclusives BTS– Music videos for “Butter”, “MIC Drop” and “Permission to Dance” have outfits available according to each member’s style and outfit, allowing players to collect a total of 21 new outfits. In event content BTS-Trailer Let them do it BTS-Upgrade and manage cookies accordingly. It adds or develops decorative elements to the trailer.

In addition, there are numerous cases for BTS– and Cookie Run: State– instead of Bhakta, which was a member BTS I thought to myself.

Cookie Run: State Studio Kingdom is a mobile character-collecting RPG developed and delivered by DevSisters, a development studio. The game features adventures and exciting battles based on the story of cookie heroes. Also, players can decorate and expand their own kingdoms.

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