Cooler Master MM712: Advanced lightweight mouse without holes



Successor to MM711

Photo: Cool Master

The Cooler Master MM712 follows in the footsteps of the super-light gaming mouse MM711. Unlike its predecessor, it now has a closed design and should fill some gaps in the range of functions.

Super-lightweight gaming mice didn’t just find favor in their early days. There were reasons, which many did not like very much Loach-designwhich Favors a lighter overall weight Saves a large portion of the housing. Meanwhile, the concept has been significantly more refined and apparently does without the distinct honeycomb pattern. Cooler Master MM731 already relies on a closed housing of only 60 grams.

Super light gaming mouse, now without the Swiss cheese case

The MM711 weighed only 60 grams MM712Despite this weight a Closed design The advanced variant kept can now only be used by, but Also wirelessly via 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter or Bluetooth Join the relationship. The next option should be battery life Up to 181 hours On offer, the wireless connection lasts up to 80 hours – with the LEDs off.

Photo: Cool Master

Reads with the resolution of the optical Pixart PAW3370 sensor 19.000 dpi Out a little higher, and sit under the key Optical switch. Their laser sensors are said to almost completely eliminate debounce time and enable faster inputs with longer service life. Sitting below the mouse, next to a switch to select connection modes, advanced PTFE glide feet and customizable RGB lighting are back in the game.

die Cooler Master MM712 Should be available soon, price is 72.99 euros.


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