Counter-Strike is pushed to the limit with 4,000 frames per second




A major demand in the world of video games today is to include the highest number of frames per second in any game, especially in its environments. pc And its powerful graphics card. So now a YouTuber Testing the line 40 of NvidiaEspecially video games the counterStrike.

Users typically run this title at 60 to a maximum of 400 fps, since current monitors typically don’t reach more than 400 Hz, or at least that’s what many of us thought. However, the user shows us that there is a Chinese device that can break all these kinds of rules to exploit the game.

users in their respective videos 3 ClicksPhilip He talks about how exaggerated it is to have a GPU that uses 450 W and costs 2,000 euros, even though the main event is to get into the game’s core code to remove the frames per second limitation. It is assisted by its latest generation processor to remove the bots that prevent you from going further.

This action allowed him to run games at 720p at 4400 fps. Although this is possible because it is placed in an angle where the graphic load is not so demanding and thus the frames remain stable. However, seeing it in action may be the most different when the character is moving, so this is an examination of its pros and cons.

remember Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Available at pc.

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