Covid: The final farewell, a release for Italians


Another sign of the fact that the worst of Covid seems to be over. What should have been an essential tool to get out of the pandemic has been declared its final farewell

The worst seems to be over, though it’s best to keep your guard up. As of 1st October, between Italy It is no longer mandatory Wear a mask In public transport. An important sign of a return to the past, what our daily lives were like before the pandemic emergency began.

A symbol of Italy’s fight against Covid appears to be over. Recent record numbers prove it (Adobe Stock)

Between vaccination and viral load reduction, It is slowly coming back to life as normal. There’s another sign that makes you smile, a real release for Italians. One of the main elements that should have prevented its spread covid The latest numbers show it appears to have been shelved now.

The immuni app has stopped working forever, so the numbers say

do you rememberImmune App? Widely presented by the Italian government, it seems that it should be the main weapon to fight against Covid and should have guaranteed almost complete tracking of both the virus and the patient. In the end it wasn’t like that, quite the opposite. They followed each other multiple controversies, For a project that never got started and didn’t honor – if not partially – all the promises made.

Immune app 20221005
The Immuni app has almost officially stopped working. No notifications sent to users for over a week (Adobe Stock)

the situation now It seems to be over. According to what has emerged, the latest notification was sent on September 6. A total of five reports, 16 users tested positive. Total emptiness since that day. Even since then 29 September The data is no longer updated. Launched on June 2, 2020, the life cycle of the Immuni app ends here. Or at least, without the sensational surprises.

By opening the app today, you can already see it from the dashboard The whole thing was abandoned. There are numbers that mark the progress of the service in Italy It has had over 21 million downloads since its launch, including 90,000 positive users and 195,756 notifications sent to A communication with the positive. The same confirmation of abandonment also came from GitHub, a platform dedicated to developers where all the data of applications is collected. As you can see, the performance since September 29 is equal to 0.

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