Crystal Dynamics says it’s listening to Legacy of Kain fans




Last month the company said Crystal Dynamics ran an interesting survey, which asked its fans if they were interested in some sort of return for the franchise Cain’s inheritance. What’s most interesting is that they didn’t expect the kind of response they would get, with over 100,000 responses asking for new video games in the series.

This is mentioned Phil Rogers, CEO of Crystal Dynamics y Eidos During the parent company’s earnings call Embracer Group:

We wanted to get a community perspective on what players are looking for as they revisit the land of Nosgoth and our iconic intellectual property, Legacy of Kain.

In the past, we’ve seen surveys typically get between 1,000 and 3,000 responses, but when we ask people about Legacy of Kain, we get over 100,000 responses. 73,000 players completed it completely, and if you are one of them, we thank you very much and appreciate that it was a great effort since the survey was quite extensive.

We saw the news of our survey being shared on social and press platforms and we really felt that it was a great way to revive this passionate community of fans with this legendary series of games for PC and consoles. Rest assured, we hear you loud and clear and we’ll continue to update you on Legacy of Cain’s potential in the future.

This response from the executive is a clear indication that the franchise could be back in the coming years. However, we still have to wait to know more about it.

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