Cyberpunk 2077’s release version is still buggy as hell



Cyberpunk 2077 is out now, and as with most game releases these days, it’s getting patched right out of the gate. In my review, I said I experienced a nonstop onslaught of bugs, from distracting audiovisual tics to a couple game-breakers that required reloading a save to fix. This is even after receiving an early 50GB version of the release day patch, though CDPR says more fixes are rolled into what folks are getting today. Read our Cyberpunk 2077 Day 1 patch explainer to clear up the confusion around that. 

But, patch in hand, now is when the real test begins. We’ve already taken a broader look at how buggy Cyberpunk 2077 has been for other PCG editors and outlets, but how buggy is it in the hands of the public? Let’s take a look around the internet to find out what players are experiencing. 


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