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NVIDIA Xavier NX Development Kit Top Down Fan and Logo

📈 Good morning! Keep reading for a good chart of TV interest after the finals.

Our hot chips chilled down

NVIDIA Xavier NX development kit rear and heatsink

Quickly the chips tend to get hotter. As the density of transistors in the CPU and GPU increases, so does the speed of the clock, which also becomes hotter.

  • This is a simplification but it is not wrong.
  • Despite the advances in fab node size and the generally more efficient chip, power consumption and heat generation are two problems that are not entirely eliminated for processors.
  • This is a problem across the industry: data centers (and bitcoin mining operations!) Spend a fortune to cool. PC has a small dog-sized GPU to keep gamers cool; CPU requires fleshy heatsink / fan operation.
  • And in the world of our smartphones, we see flagship chips able to perform at full speed for empty minutes before throttling due to thermal limitations.
  • Even the recent Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 shows a drop in peak performance after a few runs of benchmarking, indicating that the all-glass sandwich phone has reached the extreme limit of form factors. (No active cooling = too many limitations.)
  • (Hey, little-less-bleeding-edge is a great time to buy a new phone.)

Maybe something new is coming:

  • A new part of the study has been published Nature Electronics The idea was to slap a large hunk of metal on a chip to make it even cooler.
  • One of the problems with using something like a metal-based heat spreader like copper or graphite is that it is also electrically conductive.
  • Other drawbacks: The best solutions include a diamond heat spreader, but it’s not exactly cheap (!).
  • And, the third major problem: if a device has a heat spreader and a heat sink (like a standard CPU), most of the heat is actually generated under the hot chip, which means it doesn’t cool where it needs to.
  • So explained Science DailyWho spoke to Tarek Gabriel, lead author and a UIUC PhD student in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Gebrael’s solution solves three problems – theoretically!


“The first, primary element used is copper, which is relatively inexpensive. Second, the copper coating completely “covers” the device, ‘says Gabriel -‘ covering the top, bottom and sides … a conforming coating that covers all exposed surfaces – so that no heat-producing areas are neglected. Third, a thermal interface element is not required; The device and the copper heat spreader are basically one piece. Plus, there’s no need for a heat sink. ‘

“In our research, we have compared our coating to a standard heat sink method,” said Gabriel. Nevertheless, a device using a new solution using a heat sink is dramatically smaller than one, which is heavier. ‘And that translates to a much higher power per unit volume. We were able to show a 740% increase in power per unit volume.’


  • Excellent! Keep in mind that this is an early stage, and the work continues, and in the past we have been promised all sorts of wonderful cool solutions. (Speaking of something, Nvidia now has its own liquid cooling setup)
  • In particular, it is very important to check the reliability and durability of copper coating, because people use air cooling, water cooling and much more, so it has to stand up to all kinds of situations and dielectrics.
  • Some funny bits: ARPA-E is funding the research, and the copper coating method recommended by the “Marvel Nanofabrication Laboratory” has been adopted. (It’s all too complicated: try reading nine pages of study. It’s not fun!)
  • But if research like this or that can keep our smartphones nice and cool (leave everything else in computing), it could be a significant change in status.


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Chart Tuesday

Here is a relative chart showing the relative Google search interest on popular TVs at their end and really showing that Office TV is actually an interesting outlier:

Relative TV
  • Although, as mentioned in the comments In this postConsidering how much the finals were expected for Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, it’s hard to get anywhere near their peak.
  • Ahem, Game of Thrones. Ouch.


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