Daredevil’s costume appears in the She-Hulk series



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There is very little time left for the premiere of the new series Marvel inside Disney Plus, She-Hulk, Passing the trailer is interesting revelation for the followers of the same. And undoubtedly, one of the most infamous mysteries is the participation of Daredevil, a character who is getting a second wind after his entry. UCM inside Spider-Man: No Way Home.

During the latest trailer linked to the series, we got to see certain parts where Matt Murdockexplained by Charlie Cox, it has some checkered moments that are practically a fraction of a second. Still, fans of the character have noted that the suit is different than his adaptation Netflixindicating that it would be a Daredevil Alternatives already known.

Also, the pictures were shared by the same official account of the series.

Here you can see them:


for now Disney This is not mentioned as for the new vidya Daredevil And if he ever teams up with his iconic friends from the comics, it’s obviously one of them Spider-Man. On the other hand, appearance She-Hulk It might be less than we thought, after all it will have its own series for the streaming platform 2024.

Remember the series She-Hulk The next one opens August 18 on Disney Plus.

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