Dataminers find new Pokemon in the GO app




Although it seems false, pokemon to go It continues to have many updates, making it an application with the most active users worldwide, which has been maintained since its release almost 6 years ago. And now, dataminers who occasionally delve into the title’s source code have found something that would be considered unusual.

In data, you can find a new design pokemonOne that may come down to the next generation of animals, well let’s not forget what happened to it melt, who watched his birth on a cell phone. To reach it by transfer later Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eeveewith their respective evolutions.

Here you can see it:

Pokemon Co. and Niantic They haven’t said anything about this character yet, but internet super sleuths have discovered it pokemon Also hidden Scarlet and Violet.

Note that later games are released 18 November.

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