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As Netflix is ​​reportedly working on a live action movie Gears of War, fans have claimed that David Bautista, recognized for his role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, will be in charge of interpreting Marcus Fenix. now, The former professional wrestler has finally clarified his position on the proposal.

Through his official Twitter account, Bautista shared a short video with the following message:

“I can’t make it easy.”

The video the actor shared was originally made to promote the collaboration between Bautista and Gears 5. However, this makes it clear Former wrestler wants to star in Netflix movieAnd take on the role of Marcus Fenix, thus supporting all fans of the series.

But at this moment there is no official information about who will act in the film. Although the project is likely to see Bautista, Nothing guarantees that this is the case. At least we already know that if this dream doesn’t come true, it’s no longer the actor’s fault. On a related note, you can learn more about this film here. Likewise, the community commented on the tape and Bautista’s possible involvement.


Editor’s note:

Of all the former wrestlers who have made their transition to Hollywood, David Bautista is one of the most exceptional. Thus, his participation in the movie Gears of War will not only please the fans, but the actor has what it takes to fulfill this role.

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