Ddit video easily with WonderShare DemoCreator


(Pocket-lint) – Editing video can be an absolute pain sometimes – ask anyone who works with it professionally and they’ll tell you that the number of annoyances and time-consuming processes can make it hard to get stuff done on time. 

Especially when making tutorials, video demos, presentations or anything that involves sharing your own screen, many video editors are slow and unresponsive, or even don’t let you make recordings at all. That’s why Wondershare created DemoCreator, a superb video editing suite that’s specifically aimed at making it easy to screen-record and edit video. Here are some of the features that make its new 4.3 version better than ever before. 


An amazing user experience

DemoCreator had its user interface completely redesigned, from the bottom up, for its third version released in late 2019, and the latest version has made further strides to make things easy to use.

Installing the programme makes the changes immediately appreciable, with clearer icons and an interface that lets you easily drag and drop video and audio elements around your timeline for quick fixes. It means that regardless of whether we want to create a new screen recording, or edit together some existing clips, we’ve found it really easy to get our tasks done quickly and easily. 

Powerful screen-recording

One type of task that DemoCreator is perfect for is screen recording – something that’s easy to do wrong on other programmes, or to accidentally finish with low-resolution video. 

With DemoCreator, it’s as easy as clicking to start a recording, and we found the video that we were left with at the end was always of the highest quality, easy to follow even if we were moving our mouse pointer around quickly, for example. This is perfect for creating videos to guide people, whether it’s a walkthrough of your website or a tutorial that you want to share, and is a really powerful tool in the right hands. 

It’s also great for more light-hearted uses, like recording your gaming clips while you play, without needing to resort to an expensive capture card or other hardware. 


Sophisticated editing

Once you’ve got your recordings, though, DemoCreator goes a step further by offering up a robust editing platform for you to stitch them together and create great final videos without needing multiple different programmes. 

You edit them into order on a timeline, and can add audio clips (or record more using your computer’s microphone) where needed, plus any captions or subtitles that you want, all at the tap of a button. You can even slow down or speed up video if you’re working to tighter time limits, or adjust sound levels if you’ve got a bit too much volume.

It’s really sophisticated, but doesn’t make anything too complicated, which meant that we’ve been able to complete a variety of videos without any previous training or video expertise – that’s the mark of a well-designed platform.

GPU acceleration

Part of what makes DemoCreator so rewarding to use, though, isn’t just the way things are easy to accomplish, it’s that they happen quickly. It takes advantage of GPU acceleration to use more of your computer’s power and speed up its processes. 

That means that when you process a video you’re only signing up for waits that last minutes rather than hours, which frees you up to do more valuable work once it’s done. It’s a system that’s completely hidden from your view, and is very much under the hood, but it makes a major difference and is another reason why DemoCreator is a cut above the competition.

Speaking of competition, there’s more good news – Wondershare is running a great giveaway for new DemoCreator users, who just need to use the programme to create a short clip explaining one of their secrets to good productivity. Sharing the clip will enter you into a sweepstake that could see you win Amazon vouchers or even a brand new iPhone 12! 

Find out more about the competition on the DemoCreator website here, and be sure to download it to try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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