Developed by Dimps The Rumble Fish, the fighting game series is coming to consoles this winter


publisher 3 Intestines and developers dents Fighting game series released buzzing fish For consoles around the world this winter, the company to announce. No specific platform has been announced.

buzzing fish It was launched for the first time passage 2004 in Japan, then PlayStation 2 On March 17, 2005. Rumble Fish 2 It was followed by Arcade in March 2005. Neither game was released in the West.

buzzing fish “This is an unforgettable game for us at DMPS,” Demps President Takashi Nishiyama said in a press release. “We made it as a 2D fighting game compatible with the AtmisWave arcade system board made by Sammy Corporation. It may have a classic feel compared to current fighting games, but it was an ambitious project, with a variety of variations within the limitations of a nearly 20-year-old system board. encompassing visual expression. I am proud of what we have achieved. And now 3goo is back in the limelight. buzzing fish series, and I’m excited about the new possibilities for growth in this series.”

—- The Rumble Fish 2 (Arcade-Version)

Rumble Fish 2

Nicolas Di Costanzo, President of 3goo, added: “Personally, I’ve been a fan of Dimp for a long time and I’m really excited to introduce this hidden gem to the world. We’re very proud that Dimps has given us such an incredible opportunity. the hallway With a mix of mechanics inspired by a variety of fighting games, On Fire is now brought to consoles for easy access by all. We hope you’re as excited to receive it as he is to release it.

Here is an overview of the 3goo series:


buzzing fish It is a 2D fighting game. The arcade version was made in 2004. Its arcade version Rumble Fish 2 Introduced in 2005, it introduced new mechanics and characters to the game. It gained popularity for its elegant 2D visuals driven by SMA (Smooth Model Animation), fantastic characters and strategic gameplay with two types of scales. The game series has cult status and is still played in tournaments. Note that the series has not been released outside of Japan. This will also be the first time Rumble Fish 2 Converts to console.

a story

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Check out the trailer for the story below.

Story trailer



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