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It came to light some time ago Gotham Knights It will run at 30fps. Although it was noted at the time that this was the result of multiple decisions focused on improving the game’s performance, A Rocksteady developer was more specific about the reasons for this controversial decision.

Through a series of since-deleted tweets, Rocksteady’s lead technical character artist Lee Davenald revealed that One of the main reasons is the Xbox Series S Gotham Knights The core is a 30fps. This is what he commented:

‚ÄúSeries S exists and Microsoft won’t allow a game to be released on one console (Xbox Series X) without the other. An entire generation of games was crippled by that potato.

I hope people understand what 60fps means, considering what you can lose, we have a current-gen console that isn’t much better than the latest one.

I wish they realized that every enemy on screen takes up a chunk of that time. Do you want a dynamic day? And global illumination? This usually means 4 or more milliseconds at a time. A quarter of the budget is gone on the frame, that’s all. shadow? One or two more. Before you get game features like enemy counts, your framerate budget is already used.”

Although it is Warner Bros. Game Montreal, and not Rocksteady, who is working on the game, Davenald’s explanation makes sense, and He noted that if the title only made it to the Xbox Series X, we could see 60fps without a problem.

remember, Gotham Knights It’s PS5, Xbox Series X | S and will arrive on PC on October 21, 2022. On a related note, you can learn more about this game’s resolution here. Likewise the title’s biggest spoiler has been leaked.


Editor’s note:

Considering that multiple developers have overcome this problem by offering a certain technical performance in the Series S and another in the Series X, the developers could have done the same in this case. However, and as Davenald points out, it can be more complicated than one might think.

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