Development of Final Fantasy XVI is nearing completion




One of the most eagerly awaited video games next year final fantasy xvi, The same that showed some progress a couple of days ago, that through a new trailer. And now, in a Japanese magazine exclusive, FamitsuIt is detailed that the official release date for the video game will be nothing to announce worldwide.

First, they noted that the development of the video game is about 95% complete, which means that those in charge may already have a set date outside of summer. 2023. In view of this, the media noted that there are two speculations about its official announcement, the first being the timing Game Awardsor December 18 including franchise anniversaries.

A while ago, the producer of the game mentioned that the development is going positively, it will bet on being one of the most different deliveries in the history of the brand. It’s well known that the franchise has always been a turn-based role-playing game, but that’s broken with the 15th installment, and with 16 it looks like the action will be much more present.

However, with games like the stranger of heaven In the market, this new release probably won’t go in favor of wanting to replicate the mechanics the darkness the soul A the final fantasy. For now, the launch of the game is an uncertainty, but many feel that their release date won’t happen this year.

Through: Famitsu



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