Diablo Immortal: Developers protect micro-transactions



Lt. Small transactions From Diablo is immortal It has been a matter of debate for days, but the developers have decided not to Protect themMention that they are only cosmetics and they do not bypass the original gameplay.

Diablo Immortal cannot be sold in Belgium and the Netherlands due to its micro-transactions, which are illegal in those countries. Joe GrabThe chief designer of the project, however, reiterated that it takes skill to use each class: “To be successful as a barbarian he must play with a barbarian.

The Diablo Immortal Internal Store offers several coins, a battle pass and various upgrades, the latter is designed to accelerate the progress of battle passes and receive prizes at the rifts. However, Grubb says there is no way to buy equipment or experience points: “One of the pillars we have followed is the best way to become stronger in Diablo Amar.

In short, the alarms against the micro-transaction will be exaggerated and the game will follow a good model, only to be purchased for cosmetics. Above all, a free-to-play Diablo franchise will make it accessible to new audiences, and this is Blizzard’s main interest.


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