Diablo Immortal ready for public alpha, promises ‘content updates are always going to be free’


Blizzard’s mobile game Diablo Immortal is about to go into limited technical alpha, lead designer Wyatt Cheng explained in an update video. “A small number of players, primarily in Australia, will briefly have access to test the game,” he said, “and help us look at our early leveling experience, as well as our midgame systems.”

The alpha will feature four out of the final game’s six classes: the barbarian, monk, demon hunter, and wizard (no crusader or necromancer). It’ll have a lower level cap than the complete game, stopping at level 45, although players will be able to test a paragon system like Diablo 3’s to continue improvement past the cap. Unlike Diablo 3, Diablo Immortal will have multiple paragon trees of abilities designed around different playstyles.

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