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Digital Anarchy has announced the global availability of, the company’s web-based, AI Natural Speech Processing Transcription Service. is an intelligent, adaptable speech-to-text web service that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural speech processing to deliver fast, accurate and searchable transcripts. It’s a good solution for broadcast, filmmaking, documentary, and other forms of media production.

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Since its beta debut last spring, Digital Anarchy has refined a number of key features in to enable an efficient, effective transcription workflow for all types of video creation, including: 

  • The ability to upload media and transcribe or sync existing transcripts;
  • Users can share transcripts with other  and/or Premiere Pro users, allowing for collaboration during review and editing;
  • Exporting captions and subtitles for use in any video editing application, as well as plain and rich text files for paper edits; 
  • Powerful, intelligent search function for finding keywords within transcripts; 
  • Assigning each word in the transcript with a timecode, enabling users to click on the transcribed text to jump to the exact matching time on the video;
  • A simplified text editor that allows for quick text editing; 
  • Speaker management features that make it possible to add or remove speakers from the transcripts and assign them names.

Remote Collaboration Tool

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The workflow is ideal for remote collaboration, enabling users to share transcripts with other Premiere editors and web users. With, a video editing application is not needed to receive transcripts and captions. All users need is a web browser to simply upload and transcribe. Once the transcription is done, simply save them out as captions, text files, or send the transcripts along to other users. was designed from the beginning to help editors work remotely with clients or producers. Transcripts can be easily edited and shared between Premiere Pro and a web browser or between two web users. This means producers, clients, assistant editors, and interns can easily review and clean up transcripts on the web and send them to the Premiere editor.

Searching for keywords is also quick and easy. Users can also identify the timecode of video segments that are important or have problems,  all completed and shared within a web browser.

For video editors who have been transcribing in Premiere Pro, sending the transcripts and media to is simple, and it provides easy access for team members to footage and the transcribed text. If a team member is working on, once the web user is done editing or reviewing the transcript, the editor can pull it back into Premiere.

Screen Shot 2020 09 03 at 23 21 36 delivers a number of key benefits, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled: is powered by Artificial Intelligence to deliver solutions that are smart, natural, and intuitive.  With, AI enables linguistic support for over 70 unique languages and natural language processing.  
  • Powerful and Easy to Use: generates 99% accurate transcripts with just a few actions.  Simply upload your video or audio file onto the web platform.  Backed by our AI speech partner Speechmatics, an editable transcript is delivered in a matter of minutes.  This can be exported as a text document, closed caption, and subtitles.
  • Efficient Workflow: empowers you to search, edit, and collaborate with your video content.  The search functionality allows users to quickly find quotes or dialog in a large transcripts, which greatly streamlines workflow when working on long productions.  Edit and collaboration tools enable team members to work together and produce quality output.
  • Transcription for Any Industry, Any Video: was developed to work well with the fast-growing video content market.  It is highly adaptable for documentaries and commercials in the broadcast industry, promotional footage for large and small businesses, corporate videos for enterprise uses, and class lectures in the online educational space.
  • Proven: is rooted in Digital Anarchy successful Transcriptive plug-in with seamless Adobe Premiere Pro integration.

Transcriptive for Premiere Pro 2.5

Digital Anarchy has also launched a v2.5 update to the Transcriptive plug-in for Adobe Premiere users. This update adds transcription for Multicam clips and merged clips.

New features in Transcriptive for Premiere Pro 2.5 include:

  • Improved sharing between Premiere and other users;
  • Multicam support (requires Premiere 14.3.2 or later)
  • Lock transcripts so they can’t be edited. 

Pricing and Availability is available immediately with a number of flexible and accessible pricing plans.

  • Producer Plan (Monthly or Annual): The Producer Plan is the most comprehensive, full-featured plan that enables users to: 
    • Transcribe, edit, export captions or text files, and share transcripts with editors using Transcriptive for Premiere Pro. 
    • Receive 30 free minutes to begin transcribing and test the accuracy of the  A.I. transcripts. It is free for the first month and $19/month or $160/year.
    •  Transcriptive for Premiere Pro users pay $8/month and can cancel at any time. This plan saves $68/yr if paid annually.
  • Transcribe Only Plan (Free): The Transcribe-Only Plan is designed for Transcriptive-Premiere Pro users that need to transcribe, but don’t plan on using, the Web-based version of Transcriptive. While free, this plan requires a credit card for transcription charges. If working with clients or colleagues that use, users can still send them videos and transcripts using this plan.
  • Review Only (Free): The Review-Only Plan is the entry-level plan, designed for users who need to view a file sent to them by an editor with Transcriptive for Premiere Pro. With this plan, users can only view transcripts and export them out as plain text.