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Many users have reported that they are unable to use iMessage and FaceTime on their iPhone with eSIM enabled only.

You had quite a few in the last period The problem is the iPhone Some related to Apple messaging services such as iMessage e Facetime? So don’t worry, or rather be catastrophic. In fact, it’s not just a bug responsible for your device, but a bug (albeit a serious one) is present iOS Which touches and involves its proper use E.g. Of “Melafonini”. After all, although optimized, even Apple devices and the American giant’s mobile operating system can go through strange bugs.

IPhone bug FaceTime iMessage is not working
Bugs from iPhones including eSIM that prevent iMessage and FaceTime from working (AdobeStock)

A Report The first problem was Mark GurmanThe Bloomberg journalist is now known to Apple fans for his (reliable) preface to the “Apple” world. The latest news of iPhone 14. This is the source who shared his experience through his Twitter profile and confirmed the existence of some problems with it E.g. Not chargeable to T-Mobile, the telephone operator whose US journalist is obviously a customer.

FaceTime and iMessage not working: eSIM fault on iPhone

Despite various contacts and efforts (even extreme ones), the only way to get closer to the problem now is replacement E.g. With a traditional physical card, Apple has been exploited by smartphone owners under the penalty of not being able to use the two services properly, just as iMessage e Facetime. On the other hand, it also ensures the amount of software distortion: the bug, in fact, affects those who use eSIM as the only tool of mobile connection and it will prevent the aforementioned services from working properly.

According to what Gurman has gathered, the problem has already been found iOS 15.4 As well as on iOS 15.5 version Released just a few days ago and even the latest iOS 15.6 Beta 1. As a priority, however, it cannot be ruled out that the bug also appeared in previous releases. Unfortunately, we do not know how widespread the problem is, and this is why we are waiting for an answer from Apple, which should take steps to correct the bug.

Some, however, claim that it has been resolved by following Removing eSIM account from iPhone And subsequent rearrangements, but these are still isolated cases. To this day, in fact, the only way to use eSIM, FaceTime or iMessage together is to replace the virtual card with a physical SIM. A “grain” is of no small importance if we consider rumors about a potential iPhone 15 is equipped with eSIM technology only.


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