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Andramai It’s clear that Google wants to add a new setting What will be the next mobile phone di am googleE to give Devices that represent it the society We can only really be disappointed happy To talk about it. Such products are not easily forgotten, And the same thing applies per The alternative They can offer visas and are considered extremely useful for everyone.

These phones will now be able to do great things – Computermagazine.it

It is quite obvious to say that Google They are very effective from the point of view of the photographic sector, and this concerns not only the hardware part but also the software one. Mountain View House has taken care of giving life to unique projects that would not have been the case otherwise thanks to a few people. Specifications funny That they will make available.

And thanks to the introduction we can “observe it better”. Google Pixel 6aWhen the Google team got the chance to introduce Magic Eraser – or Magic Eraser in English – a new tool in Google Photos, called disguise. In other words, it’s a new approach that could give life to some very interesting alternative options. But what will they be?

New configuration of photos

Disguise: Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro functionality that can no longer be left out
You just have to have a minimum of trust in Google: the company knows what to do to help us – Computermagazine.it

The feature is already available for both Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro: the Google team announced this in a message Twitter, through which it invites users to use the new editing tools right away. Additionally, within Google Photos, in the section dedicated to Magic Eraser, all those using these phones will find aspecial option To use camouflage mode.

In any case, know that this is a complex function studied in the user case Do not want to remove completely Change the color of some elements, or in most cases some objects, with one click. The objective, easily understood, is to make them less isolated and better integrate them with the other elements that make up the “scene” in short. So, so, we will have a way customize The whole situation at best. We do not believe that the method we have discussed is useless as some may think, so it should be used before jumping to conclusions.

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