Disney CEO thinks adults don’t want to watch animated movies




right now, Disney Going through moments of constant transformation, given that little by little live action content is dominating both the streaming segment and its cinematographic production. Perhaps this is due to the thinking of its CEO, Bob Chapek, Those who think adults aren’t interested in animated adaptations.

At the conference Tech Live of The Wall Street Journal He made this statement while talking about the future and the brand Disney+. Here is his comment:

Our fans and audiences put their kids to bed at night after watching Pinocchio, Dumbo or The Little Mermaid, so they’re probably not going to tune in to another animated movie, they want something for themselves.

This comment seems to contradict what you mentioned not too long ago:

I don’t primarily make films for children. Whether we are six or sixty, I make them for all of our children.

Similarly, the rules for the company’s streaming platform have changed somewhat, as they are gradually adding content that is not intended for children’s audiences. This clearly goes with its film penetration death well y logan. However, it would be rash to comment that adults don’t like animated movies.

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