DJI Avata, the drone comes in the open: photos and videos hint at an imminent launch


The new DJI-branded drone, the Avata model, seems to be closer, and numerous rumors circulating on the net over the past few hours hint at an imminent launch.

DJI Unlock, 9/8/2022 –

As we read on the HDblog portal, new information has been leaked on the web about the DJI Avata, which is considered The next big project of the same Chinese company. Details It will be a drone fpv category, That is, first-person view, read first-person view, not intended for outside but designed for For interior construction, Home, business, shopping center and so on. DJI, as recalls, already presented its first FPV drone last year, but due to its size it is difficult to use for the interior, for this reason there is a lot of attention to the avatar and it is perhaps a new “jewel of the leading company of the sector”. Last According to several hours of photos and videos published online, the drone will have a Compact designNicknamed Cinewhoop, and that’s why it will be Maneuverable in small environmentsA handy extra tool for all video makers and aerial photography lovers.

DJI avatars, videos and photos have surfaced on the net in the past few hours

He also appeared on Twitter A short video (You can find it above) published by OsitaLV, a well-known leaker in the drone sector, and which shows the aircraft that it is powered by the controller used for DJI FPV drones on the market since last year, but at the same time the pilot seems to be wearing A different video viewer Compared to currently sold models. This is a video that is unfortunately very short and the drone shot is also very poor, as a result it does not allow us to steal many details, but in any case it seems to confirm numerous rumors of the past few weeks. But he thought of increasing the readily available materials @AttaccoG who published a series of shots by DJI Avata. It’s not clear at the moment when the new drone will hit the market, but insiders say The wait should be short And it cannot be ruled out that it could be sold out in a few months, due to the Black Friday and Christmas holidays, historically the most profitable times for shopping. per Link below Find published images.

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