DJI Mini 3 Pro, the little drone for the sensor, modifiers and gadgets of PRO –



Continue to receive updates on the merits that will soon be included in one of the most desirable drones ever, of course, the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

DJI Mini 3 Pro, 5/5/2022 -
DJI Mini 3 Pro, 5/5/2022 –

Since its status is not yet officially announced (the data can contain only 10 maggio, the martial law of the set process), the ultimate time for retrieval of the status quo in detection, leak and anticipation, from where scheda tecnica completely, magically appearing in ret. The consultation, to discover a 360 degree quail that can be found in a miniature DJI Mavic, rests simply with the same info as the Smart Controller and its FocusTrack, without the relevant oscilloscopic and evolutionary pricing functionality and data availability.

DJI Mini 3 Pro, 5/5/2022 -
DJI Mini 3 Pro, 5/5/2022 –

Seeing the technical scheduling, remember to confirm the presuppositions fotocamera At the disposal of the DJI Mini 3 Pro, a 48-megapixel Sony Xperia QuadBayer, sensor with 1 / 1,3 di polis, lung-centered focal equivalent to 24 mm and aperture f / 1.7, has been reported on This can be seen in an Angolo Vision that offers 82.1 grades of quadrangular option, and input, in modality QuickShot is clearly available in Preset Drony, Rocket, Circle, Spiral, Asteroid and Boomerang. Every time I try to figure out how to get rid of the technical “leakkata”, DJI Mini 3 Pro dovrebbe volare ad A mass of 16 meters per second in modality sport, and finesse an altzza di 4 km from suoloben 4.000 metri.


With the standard battery volo dovrebbe durare poco più di mezz’ora, Exactly 34 minutes, and finally 18 chilometry di distanza dal punto in cui ci troviamo, with a resistance to vent compressa tra 29 and 38 km / h. A livello di conception, in fact, the new Piccolo drone at home DJI Dovrebbe supports the WiFi 802.11 ac, not even the Bluetooth 5.2, with the addition of a GPS-enabled Galileo and BeiDou satellite navigation system. The DJI Mini 3 Pro doubles with an integrated antenna and a battery of 2.453 mAh with a peso of 80.5 grams and a timer of 64 minutes, dimensioni I would like to have 171 x 245 x 62mm per 249 grams of paper.

LEGGI ANCHE → DJI mini 3, the drone “per tutti” arrives April 28:

Chiudiamo con i prezzialways at the base how much I remember in the last ultimate settlement:
DJI Mini 3 Pro with 1 battery of radio broadcasts for 739 euros
DJI Mini 3 Pro with 1 battery and radiocommando N1 (from the Mini 2 station) for 829 euros
DJI Mini 3 Pro with 1 battery and DJI RC with monitor integrated at 999 euros
Fly More Kit a 189 euro

LEGGI ANCHE → DJI Mini 3, more evolutionary than me: the drone ‘spazial’ from the menu arrives at 250 grams.

The segito il link all to the DJI Mini 2, The little drone at the moment in commerce, in attesta appunto del suo erede ufficial

DJI Mini 2 a 459 euro
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DJI Mini 2 Combo Con Fotocamera 4K for 589,00 euros
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DJI Mini 2 Combo + Care Refresh a 668 euro
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