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DJI just announced their latest premium 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for mobile phones – the DJI OM4. It has a similar shape to the Osmo Mobile 3, and there are many innovations and new features like the new magnetic phone clamp and magnetic ring holder, the updated Mimo app and new functions. Here is our first look.


Cameras on mobile phones are almost as powerful as some small mirrorless cameras. Some nominated cinematographers are even shooting their cinematic projects with mobile phones. For vloggers and Youtubers, it’s a very convenient tool and also low cost. To help filmmakers and Youtubers to create more cinematic looking footages, after three successful products, DJI just brought us a new, even better Gimbal for mobile phones, the DJI OM4. Compared to the Osmo Mobile 3, the new DJI OM4 has improved in many aspects, and the most noticeable is the quick and convenient way to use.

The packaging of new DJI OM4 Gimbal. Image credit: CineD

Shorter Name, Cleaner Look

As the name is shorter, the new DJI OM4 also looks a little different from the Osmo Mobile 3. The DJI OM4 comes in a white box, clean and elegant. The color of the product itself is lighter and whiter, and because of the new design, it’s even smaller. In general, it looks very nice and clean and feels good in the hand.

In the box, you will find the DJI OM4 gimbal, a mini tripod, a storage pouch, a USB-C power cable, a magnetic phone clamp, and a magnetic phone ring holder and accessories to bring the ring holder onto your phone.

Everything you will get from the new DJI OM4 Package, Source: DJI

The Magic of Magnet

The most significant improvement in hardware is probably the magnetic phone clamp and magnetic ring holder. I can still remember with the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, every time changing between iPhone 8 and iPhone XS was a pain. Now you can use the magnetic ring on your primary device, and the phone clamp on other devices. Since it’s magnetic, you can mount and unmount the phone in a second without any adjustment.

Also, thanks to the new magic clamp design, the OM4 is smaller than the Osmo Mobile 3. It still has a foldable design. The gimbal will start with a vertical mode, which is better for social media content. By pressing the (M) button twice, the Quick Roll function will rotate the phone to landscape/cinematic mode. You can control all the vital functions just with one hand during operation.

Magnetic clamp and Magnetic ring holder. Image credit: CineD

New MIMO app Features

DJI OM4 works together with the MIMO app via Bluetooth, and additionally to the functions which were already available to Osmo Mobile 3, there are two more intelligent features.

  • Dolly Zoom
    Made popular by Alfred Hitchcock, the DJI OM4 will automatically adjust the zoom function to create the dramatic background shift and help you to create a visually appealing cinematic look.
  • Clone Me (Panorama)
    Besides the 3X3 panorama and the 240° panorama, there is now a new “CloneMe” panorama, which allows you to add multiple versions of a person or subject into one shot.
  • ActiveTrack 3.0
    With a newly updated version of ActiveTrack, the 3.0 Version features improved distinction between subjects such as adults, children, and pets. Just select a subject for the DJI OM4 to automatically tracking and let the gimbal do the job. Framing during ActiveTrack can now be adjusted by using the dedicated joystick for enhanced one-hand control.
  • Gesture Control
    You can start and stop video recording or take photos by using hand gestures, this is perfect for one-person YouTubers, just raise your hand, and the DJI OM 4 will know what you want. No more finicky self-timer.
  • We will cover more features later in our detailed DJI OM 4 Review (coming soon).

Dolly Zoom function of the DJI OM4. Video source: DJI

Price and Availability

The price of DJI OM4 is $149 in the US, and for the European market, the price will be from €145 to €159 depends on the VAT rate of different countries. The new DJI OM4 will be available from authorized retailers, partners like B&H and CVP.

DJI Care Refresh

The DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive protection plan for DJI products. For additional costs, DJI Care Refresh provides a one-year plan and a two-years Plan option. These include 2 replacement units in 1 year or 3 units in 2 years when an accident happens such as water and impact damage, international warranty, VIP phone service, and free shipping. For more information please visit the DJI Care Refresh website.

We will do a detailed review of the new DJI OM4 soon. Stay tuned.

Are you interested in getting the new gimbal or upgrade your older for mobile phones? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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