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Among the many “annoyances” of hot and turbulent summers, a distinct one arising from mosquito bites. These insects, in addition to often disturbing our sleep with the sound of their nightmares, sting us by releasing small amounts of toxins into our bodies, causing an annoying itching sensation.

Technical gadget against mosquito bites, 30/6/2022 –

There are many natural methods to try to deal with this problem, from herbal gels to drops, from stickers to ammonia, but there is also a specific technique and technical remedy. German company BeaverReported by Wired Portal, actually gave a real life Technical bite after. This is a device that is offered in three versions BR10, BR60 and BR90 And which precisely targets Relieves pain and itching sensation Arising from a mosquito bite.

Mosquito bites? There are no more itching technology gadgets here

The first thing to know is that these products work both against mosquitoes and other insects Tafani, API and Vespe, As a result they cover a huge field of action. The first model, the BR 60 uses a Small ceramic hot plate Which depends on the part of the body that bites you: The more timely this action is, the more effective it will be, so it is best to continue the application as soon as you are bitten by a mosquito. You can choose a permanent program 3 seconds, Dedicated to those with sensitive skin, but from the ideal one 6 seconds For all other users. When the device has finished its treatment, it emits an acoustic signal and the LED light ring goes off and the heat is suspended. According to Beurer which is known, this product promises Prevent swelling and itching sensation, No small thing, and the price is less than 22 euros, Amazon a big discount.

Beurer Br 60 Dupopuntura at 21.99 euros, -29%
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On the other hand, the BR 90 model has a small LED flashlight which is especially useful if you want to run the treatment even at night, in low light. The BR 10 is the most compact, Of course being pocketable so you can keep it in your pocket but also in a bag or backpack, thanks for a convenient carabiner. In this case, only a short 3-second treatment is provided, and this includes a comfortable one Blue led by Luce. The price is slightly higher than the previous one, 27.99 euros.

Beurer BR 10 compact after-byte 27.99 euros
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