Do you want to personalize your Whatsapp? With this guide, it will be very easy and you will make it unique –


If, for work or leisure, we want to customize the text of WhatsApp messages with style formatting that changes the characters according to specific needs, but we do not know how to do it, here are some solutions that are offered by the app in native form and by third parties Which may come in handy.

WhatsApp allows native formatting operations –

Bold, italic, strikethrough, colored, monospaced: la Text formatWhether for fun or for work, it helps us get things done graphically Content is expressed through the words used, emphasizing and enhancing the parts of speech that we believe they should receive more attention By those who will read.

Also WhatsApp Offers the possibility to format text: they are functions local An app that makes hypertext available appropriately to allow editing operations, such as those used in programs sound For Windows o leaf For Mac.

And not only that: they exist the third part Ed App Specifically designed to allow more Customization Our WhatsApp messages and that makes family available font e the color Different than our smartphone operating system.

Native and Third-Party Formatting: How to Recall, Activate and Use Them on WhatsApp

WhatsApp formatting 18 September 2022
Stylish Text Apps – Some examples of the types of formats available through

Let’s start from the basics: that is, from the main formatting possibilities available in WhatsApp Forms local. You can activate them Two ways: or through Alpha letter which must include words or groups of words to format (for users a little more “tech-savvy”); or enable Context menu and select the desired format.

In the first case, bold is recognized by the system when using two asterisk, one at the beginning and one at the end of the word (or thus: * word *); Italic when using two underscore (_word_); Strikethrough with two tilde (~ word~); monospace with three pronunciation (“‘Word”‘). In the second case, however, it will suffice election Keep the text you type held below Click on it for a few moments and then select the format type Context menu pop up

Finally, among third-party applications, the choice is vast for both Android Both for iOS. Among the best known and most admired rise Stylish text, blue sound e fancy text. They are very similar in terms of operation, but it is recommended to test them to choose the one that seems best suited to your needs.

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