Doctor Strange 2 | Reveal Carl Mordo’s fate in Atomics


All films we see undergo one or more changes throughout their production. Either the script is changed on the fly, or some scenes are cut in the editing process. This is also the case Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessA tape that recently released it One of the most important characters in the first tape Starring Benedict Cumberbatch is going to die a brutal death.

The director’s commentary is available on Blu-ray Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessIt was revealed that Carl Mordo is part of the MCU’s main universe, At the beginning of the sequel, Scarlett is about to be killed by the Witch. There’s even a storyboard where it’s revealed that the character’s severed head will be used to scare Doctor Strange.


In this context, director Sam Raimi commented on the decision to omit these scenes:

“He has been through many battles. He stopped. And he was after the Scarlet Witch to take her power because he knew she was dark and [estaba] Horribly corrupted by the Darkhold. And he kills him and cuts off his head and shows it to Doctor Strange in the next scene.”

For his part, Michael Waldron, one of the screenwriters, commented:

“It was great writing, but it slowed down the start too much so we had to lose it. Yes, it was a funny scene that didn’t fit in the film. But it was cool that he cut off his head right between his ears, [cuando] I was going to say: ‘Everything takes its toll’”.

At the end of the day, Carl Mordo is the only one we see in the movie who is part of the Illuminati and the 838 universe. On a related note, it seems that the second season moon night It’s already running. Similarly, Avengers: Secret Wars Not many will know the story.


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