Doctor Strange at Multiverso del Follia: Including the global record to the first fine set



Doctor Strange at Multiverso della Follia ha incassato 450 million dollars in their primo fine settimana. The data is refreshing to all the global film industry. Insomnia, I know that all the fans around the world have seen the new adventures of Doctor Strange and come up with fossils like other MCU films, Ormai Una Vera and Proprietary Telenovela.

Doctor Strange in Multiverso del Follia, the copy
Doctor Strange in Multiverso del Follia, the copy

Of these, 450 million dollars were incalculable, 185 million dollars were spent by the United States. Although more than 265 million were sold out of the world, Ossia did not pay the film è stato distributed.

To compare, the first film of Doctor Strange included 677 million dollars globally in its interactive cycle of life and cinema. This is 34% of the domestic market.

The success of the movie Marvel Cinematic Universe has not diminished, but the pandemic and humor have permeated the post Avengers: Endgame. Evidently the world has grown into a superhero.


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