Donald Trump’s controversial app can now be downloaded on Android



After nearly 2 years of lockdown, Trump’s Truth social platform has officially debuted on the Google Play Store in the US.

Donald Trump's controversial app can now be downloaded on Android

It’s no secret that Donald Trump loved Twitter Before his infamously specific expulsion from the platform, the announcement was made two days after the famous attack on the Capitol without the former President of the United States. A live speaker to communicate with your followers And compassionate, always attentive timeline Trump is willing to ‘retweet’ and defend almost any statement, no matter how absurd.

True Social, the new social network

The new social network created by Donald Trump is Truth.

It is true that Twitter has been given importance in their strategy and campaigns Trump was forced to look for alternativesLaunching its own social network with the name and sounding Truth Social on the App Store Google declined to release the app in your Play Store for Android.

Google said at the time that the app Developed by a start-up company (Trump Media and Technology Group) founded by Tycoon himself, was not eligible for inclusion in the Play Store Incitement to violence is a violation of policy and/or the inclusion of violent content, something a spokesperson confirmed directly to Mountain View:

Apps can be distributed on Google Play without restriction as long as they adhere to our developer guidelines, which include the requirement to effectively moderate user-generated content and remove objectionable posts, such as those that incite violence.

It’s true social, the social network that has surpassed Twitter in the App Store

Now, as its partner phone arenaSomething seems to have changed Truth Social is now officially available on Android And without any kind of limitation, and despite it being blocked in Play Store 44% of Americans have blocked viewing of postsMost of the time quite confusing or direct fake newsA New York-born tycoon.

It is true that There was a possibility to bypass google lock While downloading an APK and activating it and installing it on any Android device “Unknown source”Or even accessing other third-party app stores, so actually Most Trump fans with Android must already be using the app Before and without problems.

We don’t know if Truth Social already actively controls its users’ participation and therefore complies with Google regulations, though Not that Trump cares much right now.Well, Elon Musk seems keen to pull off a Twitter acquisition again where he’s already said he’d welcome the former 45th president.

We will see in the future How do these political and media board pieces work?Which is sold as true social “An Alternative to ‘Big Tech’ That Encourages an Open, Free and Honest Global Conversation Without Discrimination of Political Ideology”. Green stuff!


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