Download the Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers here



Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra All Angles

The next iterations in the Galaxy S series won’t land until the middle of January 2021. Until then, though, you can experience a form of time travel and see what it’s like to use the next Galaxy by downloading these Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers.

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These walls leaked via a strange source: Rydah, which appears to be a site dedicated to music and beats production. But hey, regardless of where they came from, these do appear to be the walls you’ll eventually see on your shiny new Galaxy S21 smartphone.

You can see all the walls below. However, don’t download them individually here. You should scroll down and download them all in a ZIP file so you can see the full-resolution, uncompressed files.

Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers

These wallpapers look pretty cool. I really like the textured look, it will show off the super-crisp display of these phones quite well, I’m sure. They also look quite different from the previous Galaxy S walls, which were all starting to look quite similar.

To grab the Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers for yourself, just click the button below. Unzip the file and then move the images to your wallpapers folder. Then, just select whichever one is your favorite!


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