Dr Gary McGraw Appointed to IriusRisk Threat Modeling Technical Advisory Board


Application security threat modeling solutions provider IriusRisk has announced the appointment of Dr Gary McGraw to its threat modeling technical advisory board.

Dr McGraw – who has a PhD in computer science and cognitive science – joins existing advisor Adam Shostack and will assist in the strategic direction and development of the AppSec firm. The board’s aim is to accelerate IriusRisk’s efforts to push threat modeling to the forefront of the security agenda.

“As a field, software security has made impressive progress over the last two decades,” said Dr McGraw. “Now it is time to automate what we know about security engineering, threat modeling and architectural risk analysis. IriusRisk is leading the charge to take software security to the next level.”

Speaking on Dr McGraw’s appointment, Shostack commented: “I’m excited to be working with Gary to expand the board. The incredible brain trust that IriusRisk is building to help shape product strategy is going to be hard to match.”

IriusRisk CEO Stephen de Vries has stated additional plans to expand the advisory board further and welcomed interest from the wider security community to accelerate threat modeling as a common industry best practice within security and development teams.

“We are privileged to have two of the pioneers in software security on our advisory board so that our customers can benefit from their experience in implementing threat modeling and architectural security programs in large engineering teams,” he added.

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