Dragon Ball artist resurrects a member of the Red Patrol



The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie was a success in our region, as it marked the return of many beloved characters in terms of importance, especially the spotlight was placed on Piccolo and Gohan. However, they weren’t the only heroes, as the iconic Red Patrol returned to its old ways to conquer the world. For now, the artist who supports Akira Toriyama on the direct manga, Toyotaro, is taking a well-deserved break after being in the making of the Granola arc. However, he is not completely removed from this world, so he shared with fans something related to the last movie, but with a character that is not very popular. This is Captain Doc, someone associated with this evil army and who appears in Acts chapter 48. Here you can check: This month’s special figure of Toyotaro is Captain Doc! pic.twitter.com/qrWWujbEOy — Hype (@DbsHype) October 21, 2022 It’s worth mentioning that this character could be one of the many soldiers killed in the explosion of the villain group’s headquarters, which would have been destroyed by Goku and his own leader, Commander Red. . So now it will be a kind of tribute to the artist, which brings him back to life. Via: Twitter
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