Dragon Ball FighterZ Player surprises the public with an anime-worthy rematch


Although there is not much news about it now, Dragon Ball FighterZ It is still a relevant title in the world of video games, since tournaments are organized where they keep it as a participating game. And only in the last version Heat flux, A story of survival has emerged that any anime writer can easily introduce into a vignette.

Is focused on everything BMS I Wow, A user of this game who was one of the favorites to win the championship, but his talent is somewhat equivalent that some people feel jealous for him, so many users wanted to lose him. And partly fell into the war against this wish was fulfilled FGC, Jane And so the lost block is being transferred.

There the son of the commentator nicknamed appeared ScambiWhoever sees it sheds tears Wow Lose, as he considers his image to follow in the competition. That’s when the anime narrative comes, as the player comes to the boy to comment “I’ll never lose again”, thus a kind of teacher / student promise.

After that, the commentators mentioned that the player was serious, as in all his games Dragon Ball FighterZ He performed in the best way possible, carrying devastating defeats. Thus, it ended with a redeemed hero in the final against the player CainLeaving a photo as evidence where both shared a scene with the young man that encouraged him to win.

That picture complements the story.

Remember, that Dragon Ball FighterZ Available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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