Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero opens the door to more Android arcs


its movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero This is one of the most anticipated returns by fans in the animated segment, since the official anime ended Akira Toriyama Manga progress. And after this last tape ends, it is speculated that there is likely to be a story related to Android.

At the end of the tape we witnessed defeat Cell MaxAn experiment that doubles the power of the original Android, which was shot for its cooperation Gohan y picoro in their highest state. And finally, the creator of this topic, Dr. Hedo, lived with Gamma d Be the independent character of the brutal Red Patrol.

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However, they are not the only talents scattered around the world. As it confirmed the existence of Android numbers in Canon 21And this is where a villain comes from Dragon Ball FighterZ. So it is possible that he is seeking revenge for what happened Dr. A.S. go Time, and will definitely be looking to eliminate 17 y 18.

With this premise, it is possible that Akira Toriyama Want to give these characters a new spin, after all they had their moment to shine in the fan-acclaimed Tournament of Power. even 17 was responsible for making final wishes Sheng-Long, Who resurrected all the vanished universes after the contest was over.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Available in theaters.

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