Dragon Ball Z reveal trailer for Kakarot’s new DLC


Many have been thinking this for a long time Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has finished offering all its DLC content, along with the arrival of future Avengers adventures, Gohan y trunk. However, it seems that things do not end here, and time TGS 2022A new trailer has been released with the future of video games.

In the released video, it can be seen that there will be a new chapter inspired by characters unrelated to the main story line that we already know. Well, apparently, they’re going to focus on the special prequel OVA Burdockits father goku Who saves his life by sending him to earth by announcing the threat the freezer.

Here you can check it:

this name DLC es Bardock: Alone against fate, That happens for some strange reason OVA According to that Akira Toriyama At that time he commented, it was not so canon. However, we didn’t get to see much about it, so it’s possible that it’s a combination of the character with the story that was revealed in the movie. Broly.

There is no release date for now but it is expected to come 2023. A native version of the game for consoles is also in the works. PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X/SIt is commented that version PS4 y Xbox One They will get free updates.

Through: Bandai Namco


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