DxOMark’s CEO explains how his controversial benchmark works


Frédéric Guichard, CEO of DXOMark, spoke to Zimian News during an interview about some of the keys to the controversial benchmark.

Very recently we saw the Xiaomi 12S Ultra beat the iPhone 13 Pro on DxOMark and the truth is This news is repeated every time a flagship Successfully passed the exam of the French companyWell, willingly or unwillingly, the guys at DxOMark have converted their testing criteria Practically what it is now The ranking Most popular, recommended and recommended of the entire industry.

This is also true passed through themAnd it was at a time when many of us began to seriously doubt their scores and after a while the company had to admit that brands had paid them to benefit from the analytics, Something that DxOMark doesn’t call bribery But it sure looked pretty good.

DxOMark battery test

DxOMark’s CEO opens up about his controversial benchmark.

In these days DxOMark’s credibility has risen again And the opening of the Paris-based company is very large, publishing detailed reports on how they perform analyzes and Even provides interviews Frédéric Guichard, CEO of DxOMark, provided Zimian NewsA Chinese medium, Reveal interesting details About your exam.

Long ago, brands boasted about their DxOMark scores and even “bought” these analytics, so we’re grateful for this new company’s open policy and its CEO explaining interesting things to us.

If we don’t trust benchmarks, why should we trust DxOmark?

Colleagues told us GSMArenawhich summarizes some of the most important points of discussion Frederick explainedIn the first place, that is the question we all ask ourselves why They analyze only the most performance cut smartphones And there aren’t many mid-range players on the DxOMark charts.

There are no tricks or cardboard here, and it’s the boss of the company Benchmarking Confirmed that They are not the ones who refuse to analyze smartphonesBut it is precisely the manufacturers who They do not ship devices on DxOMark for testing Unless they expect the terminal to be in a respectable positionPerform well and get high scores.

Guichard himself looked into the matter, hinting If a device manages to take first place of ranking of DxOMark, or even a second or third place, Gets a lot of media and promotional attentionSo if a brand believes it’s over flagship or any other mobile will not have good effect and will not get special privileges, Does not send directly.

They even confirmed a fact in the interview which was rumored in all circles of the industry a few weeks ago and that is Xiaomi has effectively not sent the latest top of the range To analyze the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, so as not to miss a smartphone of the year, It was DxOMark who bought a unit of the device Which ended up scoring 138 points, falling short of last year’s Mi 11 Ultra.

Curious, to say the least, Frédéric Guichard tells us… there are some brands that don’t like to look ugly in photos!

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