EA backtracks on Sims 4 MOD restrictions after retroactive


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Last month EA announced new rules and restrictions on payment modes, early access and how developers can promote their creations. This has led to many unfortunate reactions and constant debate within The Sims Social communication.

Die Sims 4 It may have been released in 2014, but Life Simulator continues to receive massive official updates and has a large and active community of mods who regularly create user-generated content for the game on PC. Some of these developers make a living selling mods or accepting donations from players who enjoy their work. So it’s no surprise that EA’s July 26 policy update — which clarified that mods can no longer be sold or locked behind a Patreon subsidiary — sparked an online firestorm.

In the update published on the official EA The Sims 4 Help pageThe company clarified that the mods “may not be sold, licensed or rented for a fee” and that the mods “may not supplement or support cash transactions of any kind.” This means that you cannot paste your digital store into it Die Sims 4 And sell NFT t-shirts or sell your mods through a website.

EA acknowledges that developing a mod takes time and resources and allows developers to sell ads and receive donations on their mod website, but developers cannot integrate these things into the game.

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But when this support page was first published, the part that says paid advance access was not included. This caused a huge backlash, with many content and mod creators using the Early Access model to release mods for dedicated fans who are willing to pay before everything works properly or is finished. The idea is that once the mod is complete, the developers will release it for free and this paid time will help them work towards completing the mod.

EA is apparently coming after this fairly outdated system which was adopted by most of the community as you would expect. This is quite a twist as the publisher usually backs it up The Sims modding community. Gemspot Talked about the situation with some manufacturersWith some explanation how they managed to survive.

“Early access to Patreon is the only reason I can afford medicine, groceries, pet care, and a place of my own so I can live upstairs and take care of my disabled father.” The Sims 4 the mud Jellyfish tell me Gemspot.

After a lot of backlash from players and some bad press, EA has now changed course and earlier today Help update articles To include a certain deduction for early access paid. While selling direct mods or being locked behind a firewall is still not acceptable, this new update enables the community-approved Patreon system.

This is text added by EA To make sure it is ok with such a given mod system.

Offer an early access incentive for a reasonable period of time. After a reasonable initial access period, all users should be able to access the completely free mode, whether they donate or not.

However, it helped suppress it something Outside of the fire, others are still concerned about how vague this new rule will be. How long can a mod be in Early Access before EA announces that it needs to be removed and released for free? The EA only states “a reasonable period of time” but does not specify it, which may give publishers some leeway when evaluating changes on a case-by-case basis.

my box Contact EA about Early Access rules and ask for clarification.

so far, The Sims Fans and creators Kawaiphoxita He is cautiously optimistic about the situation. Of course, if EA revealed that a “reasonable amount of time” is five days or a week, it would likely find itself in a different mess.

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