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Is Elon Musk unsure of what to do with his platform? The decisions he’s made seem to speak for themselves, but even more so, no one understands what he’s doing: the layoffs have confirmed it.

Elon Musk has now permanently cut off the bull’s head

Twitter is no longer flying, and it will probably fall soon

Layoffs aside, many employees Elon Musk They decided to resign to avoid being “subjugated” by his work rules. We cannot give you a specific figure, but we can confirm that a significant number of teams vital to the smooth functioning of the platform have disappeared in the blink of an eye.

And it made the situation worse because he was already fired 50% of employees In total, cause irreparable damage to the service. Also taking into account the fact that many more employees have fled, the platform will likely shrink to a tenth of what it was overall at the beginning of November.

What do the best parties leave?

Musk breaks up Twitter: several layoffs amid uncertainty over how to operate
Did he make the right decision? Hard to say – Computermagazine.it

But which parties have left the shack? The most important one is definitely the subscription dedicated one Premium BlueAnother one who takes care of the maintenance of the basic system libraries and finally the team dedicated to requests from the front-end to back-end developers.

Even those who manage APIs for developers and the “command center,” which acts like “first aid” in the event of problems and failures, have also been reduced. in an extreme way. It may not be as effective as it used to be due to staff cuts, which is more than a big problem.

Of course, both current and terminated employees are arguing that Twitter will take such a hit that it won’t bounce back so easily, and in fact we’re seeing that right now. Elon Musk has temporarily given up not found
The offices, which will likely open next Monday. In short, a big loss for a platform that is considered inevitable by all.

And meanwhile the world’s richest man is wondering how to act, the hashtag is spreading across the platform #RIPTwitter. The protagonists are ex-employees who publish their farewell messages and are easy to understand, sparking all sorts of conversations, memes and considerations. Is it the end of the once loved but now hated appeal?

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