Elon Musk may fire a large chunk of Twitter staff



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Not too long ago, Elon Musk had a change of heart about his regrets about acquiring Twitter, and as the deal’s closing date approached, rumors of the corporate decision swirled. And now, it has been identified that according to a report, the owner of the Tesla company is going to make massive layoffs when the platform is in his hands. According to sites like Bloomberg, about 75% of employees who should leave their posts will be employees, and the reason for the decision is not really specified. If you consider the current figure of 7,000, the total layoffs will be around 5,600 who will have to say goodbye to blue companies. It’s worth noting that the social network’s chief lawyer has floated some possibilities of what could happen, but Musk himself hasn’t made them official yet. Still, since the businessman’s announcement of the purchase, employees have been apprehensive about what will happen to him in power. Musk has made it clear for months that he plans to give the platform a breath of fresh air, particularly in eliminating bots that are primarily dedicated to spamming ads and malicious messages. For their part, people don’t know that the “fresh air” comment means laying off a lot of employees to bring in a whole new workforce. The deal will expire on October 28. Via: Bloomberg
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