Elon Musk outlines the final steps needed to fulfill the Twitter deal


As Elon Musk checks in quickly on Twitter takeover – how close are we to Elon Twitter-in-Chief?

Musk addressed the issue in an interview Qatar Economic Forum Earlier today, Musk explained that there are three key issues that need to be addressed before proceeding with his Twitter takeover bid.

These three components are:

  • Fake profile – Musk has repeatedly said the deal could not progress unless Twitter is able to provide evidence in support of its claim that fake accounts make up only 5% of its user base. Twitter has since provided Musk’s team with a ‘full firehouse’ of tweets for its own evaluation, but there is still no word on whether this will meet their demands in this regard.
  • Debt financing – Despite being the richest man in the world (arguably), Musk will have to secure the ultimate funding for his $ 44 billion Twitter offer. There is musk Committed দিতে 33.5 billion in cash, including extras Promises of $ 7.1 billion equity financing from investors. It leaves $ 3.4 billion that will come through bank loans, although full details of how it will work have not been finalized.
  • Shareholder approval – Finally, Twitter shareholders will have to accept the agreement proposed by Mask, which is on Twitter’s board. They recommend doing. This is likely to be a formality, but another step needs to be taken to confirm the deal – and some Twitter shareholders have already sued Musk over the deal, a move that is likely to be blocked.

According to Musk, the deal will not be able to move forward until these final details are clear, but for the part of Twitter, it is moving forward with the details anyway, by filing a file. New proxy statement with SEC Which again states that it is ‘committed to completing the transaction at an agreed price’.

Twitter Recently the chairman of the board was Brett Taylor The same echoesWhich suggests that Twitter would like to pressure Elon to complete the deal as soon as possible, as opposed to allowing him to move away from a technical aspect or to renegotiate for a lower price.

According to market speculation, Elon is aiming to reduce its spending by 44 44 billion, a key component of the app based on the fake profile that was publicly communicated.

While this is unlikely to be an effective way, the SEC in its official update accepts Twitter’s past assessment of fake accounts, which could mean Elon would have to pay a price, even if he finds there are more fake ones. Expected

Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first and foremost, until Elon’s team returned to Twitter with their own assessment of the data and the way they chose to frame it.

And there are various other issues to debate with Elon and Co., including Tesla layoffsLegal action from workers, labor disputes and more.

Adding more stuffing drama to that mix doesn’t seem immediately attractive (Musk says he will cut Twitter staff as well), but the Twitter deal is moving at its own pace, and we should have some more insights from Musk and his team soon.

We will keep you updated on any progress.

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