Elon Musk wants to revive a certain social network by buying Twitter



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The Internet world is currently in chaos, as Elon Musk has confirmed the purchase TwitterSo some users moved to other platforms e.g Mastodon. And now that the entrepreneur is established in his new business, he’s looking for a way to revive a social network from a few years ago.

As published in the media Axios, musk Twitter asked engineers to review the old code base creeper. Another source also revealed that it “needs a lot of work” but the project seems to be moving forward anyway. Therefore, it will want to bring it back, since it is currently completely forgotten.

This report has credibility, as a survey was conducted Twitter People are asking if he will return it. popular YouTuber MrBeast, He also responded by saying “it would be funny if you did it and they actually competed with Tik Tok”. Given this, musk Mentioned that they would aim to go much further than that tick tock offer.

Note that there is another controversy for now Twitteras musk It wants to charge users to verify their accounts, which many users are not accepting. Later, it tried to lower the price, and confirmed that it would add more benefits than just having an account with a blue check mark next to it.

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Publisher’s Note: What would be the purpose of staying back on Vine? For now, everything is uncertain about the decision Musk is making. Hopefully this won’t bring the platform to ruin.


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