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ELone Musk did not speak at Wednesday’s annual meeting of Twitter shareholders, and he did not say anything about it on Twitter. The man still seemed to have a huge presence all day. Musk Musk – This is a powerful thing.

The National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, and the centre’s executives made emotional comments about the ideas, from the two shareholder proposals.

One group has asked Twitter to audit its diversity initiatives. Right-leaning groups claim that they have gone too far and are now discriminating against both men and women. The other asked Twitter to publish a review of its lobbying efforts, which the center probably thought would show a generous bias on the part of the company.

A spokesman for the think tank said, “Let’s get rid of the DEI Mind virus that has spread inside Twitter. He addressed his remarks directly to Mask and referred to Mask’s recent similar-worded remarks about a “wicked mind virus”. By that, Mask means he thinks it’s foolish for companies to rush into increased awareness of social justice over the last few years.

Shareholders have rejected both proposals from the National Center for Public Policy Research, but the proposals have not really been discussed. The point is, they were allowed to attend the meeting. They were not on the initial agenda. These were late entries after the mask company announced plans to take over. They talk a lot about Kasturi’s motives and the people he supports. He may say that he wants Twitter to be politically neutral, but there is nothing politically neutral about the proposals that his name-testing guys have put forward. Rather, they are deeply conservative. In the end, they are a helpful reminder that the politics of the mask is really a duck-like scene, where their underlying meaning is most important.

You will see Musk’s presence again when Twitter tried to re-elect current director Egan Durban, co-CEO of Silver Lake. Durban joined the board in 2020 when a different employee at another Twitter company narrowly escaped investor interest. Kasturi and Durban are good friends. Durban and the only person Musk spoke to before his now infamous tweet about taking Tesla private in 2018; Three days later, Durban came to Musk’s house to talk about the options for securing their funds, and Musk said he had already secured them.

Twitter shareholders voted against Durban’s re-election, suggesting they were a little tired of the mask and could not get one of his top allies back. They may also have voted against the re-election in Durban, which may indicate that they have been warned by the ISS. ISS is a research organization whose reports often influence the outcome of shareholders’ meetings. The ISS has asked shareholders to reject Durban, not because of its mask connection. Instead, the ISS case revolves around the fact that Durban is a busy man. He sits on five corporate boards — Dell, Intelsat, Motorola, WME, and Twitter — which means Twitter receives the most split attention from Durban alone, which must be conducting investment activities behind the $ 79 billion-in-asset Silver Lake. A lot is happening! With all the events on Twitter alone, perhaps shareholders were smart enough to make smart calls.

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Since the Twitter regime currently operates, managers serve stunned terms. This means that an outside investor (like a muskrat) cannot enter the city and replace the board in one fell swoop, since only a handful of directors stand for election each year. In some cases, each director is eligible to run for office each year. Mask, an outside investor will have to wait for the board to fully recover. You may have read Twitter shareholders’ decision to cancel this move as a signal that they have done so with Musk and are losing interest in his bid. At the very least, this indicates that they are not interested in an activity that would be like removing a deadbolt from a front door. That way of entry is easy সহজ it’s easy to advance a takeover bid for a mask (or someone like that in the future).

(Now, very quickly, here’s what shareholders approved at the meeting: here are two proposals that Twitter needs to document how it uses concealment clauses, a strategy to silence outgoing employees, and how its corporate funding could affect the election.) Annual Report. Both measures are opposed by the company.

Officially, CEO Parag Agarwal and other Twitter executives declined to talk about Mask or the deal, which Musk said is now a “hold” for concerns about misinterpreting Twitter about spam accounts. Although they got a big opportunity through the Q&A department of the meeting without asking anything. And of course, one investor, innocently enough, asked what would happen if a public shareholder’s stock in a company was bought and taken private. No! Twitter executives have denied that they are able to talk about it. (This is not a difficult answer. Shareholders will no longer own them. If the mask is purchased, they will receive a check for $ 54.20 per share in the mail. Let them keep those shares, because he’s looking for bigger investors who will join him in a crazy takeover.

Sometime in the future, we may go through this exercise again Twitter calls another meeting for investors to vote on the purchase of masks. (Officially, this would be called a “special shareholder meeting”, since the company certainly does not want to offer to buy an annual item.) It assumes that neither Mask nor Twitter will attempt to sabotage the deal. But if they don’t, and we get another shareholder meeting, the mask won’t be some wandering shadow. That will be the main event.


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