Elon Musk’s team asks for more data to complete the evaluation of Twitter bots


Okay, let’s just experiment with the Twitter / Elon Musk takeover saga, and the last of the week where things have been put off.

According to Latest report, Mask’s team recently asked Twitter for more tweet information to help accurately assess bot activity in the app. Musk comes after questioning Twitter’s claim that bots and fake accounts make up only 5% of its active user base and says its Twitter takeover deal cannot go ahead unless Twitter offers more evidence to support the number.

Which Twitter did to Musk with access to its ‘full firehouse’ tweet within a certain period of time, which it shared with Musk’s team back on June 8th. The Musk group has had that data for a few weeks now, but this week, it said that information is not enough to continue and that it needs more insight from Twitter to rule.

And after initially resisting calls for more data access, Twitter is now reported to have handed over more tweet data access to the Moscow team.

Which may or may not be a concern depending on how you view it.

In his initial data dump, Twitter reportedly gave information to Musk’s team:

  • Total user tweets (within a certain period of time)
  • Data has been used on any device

As mentioned, Musk’s team says it has not provided the insights needed to conduct an accurate analysis of potential bot activity, so Twitter has now provided Musk with more ‘real-time API data’.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Everything that its API system can provideBut it could mean that Mask’s team can now access:

  • Real-time information about tweet text and visual elements / attachments
  • Retweet, reply and quote tweet data for each
  • Data for tweet authors, mentioned users, tagged location, hashtags and hashtag symbols
  • Date, time, location, device information

This will satisfy any analytical need to uncover potential bot trends, and get a good handle on Twitter’s bot problem, although it does mean that Musk has all your tweet information – which again, it is noteworthy, provided Twitter was hesitant so far.

I’m sure it’s okay. Mask’s team can disclose such laws, so in a legal sense, they can’t do much with that information. But the idea that the occasional Elon Musk now has all the tweets can be a bit disturbing for some.

But Twitter probably had to provide what it could, and if Musk is going to be the app’s CEO soon, he’s going to be able to access all that data anyway.

But still, given Musk and Co’s past history Criticizing and attacking critics, Dismiss employees who cause problems And Digging up potential dirt on rivalsIt sits a little uncomfortable.

Should be fined. No problem – you don’t need to delete all the DMs (which is probably not included in the data provided by Twitter at this stage).

According to the report, Musk’s team said it now has the information needed to evaluate bot activity, which will see the deal move forward (or not) soon.

Of course, no one knows exactly what is going to happen next, and whether Musk’s team will look at negotiations again to fully withdraw from the deal as a result of its bot analysis. It seems, however, that in one way or another, Musk will be forced to go ahead with the $ 44 billion transaction, Twitter’s past bot reporting method has already been adopted by the SEC, giving it a legal basis to argue that it acted in good faith, regardless of which Musk’s team Finds.

The next steps, according to Musk, will be to secure loan financing and gain Twitter shareholder approval, remove Musk’s last hurdle to renaming the app ‘Telsala Social’ and add a million references to ‘420’ across various platforms. Terms.

Because of the memes, because the weed joke is still funny to the richest man in the world – because he became hollow between the inspired talent and a huge nest who can now imagine something great.

Or something else. Who knows what’s going on in Elon Musk’s head – which is why most are hesitant to bet against him, because no one knows how he can fix Twitter and whether it’s a great investment or a huge disaster.

Looks like we might find out soon. Maybe. Who knows. Either way, the memes should be great.

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