Email: not working as they should, finally solved



If you’ve had trouble getting emails in the past few hours, don’t panic: it’s happening to everyone. However, there is a quick and easy fix, so you can start using your mailbox as normal again

The email They are a tool of fundamental importance. Whether for business or pleasure, every day everyone is inundated with messages that it’s better not to get lost. At the same time, it is best to exercise maximum attention When you go to open a content.

Email 20221104
Major problem with receiving email, a major problem affecting thousands of people (Adobe Stock)

There is a risk in trying Phishing or attache malware, especially if there are links to click or attachments to download. Meanwhile, a major problem has emerged in the past few hours: many are reporting difficulty receiving emails. If this has happened to you too, don’t worry: there is a practical and effective solution You can apply immediately.

Email, here’s how to get your personal mailbox working again

Email 20221104
The issue only affects Apple (Adobe Stock).

The issue in question is particularly troubling Email to iCloud account. Many are reporting a lot of difficulty receiving content in their inbox. Some report receiving little content, while for others it doesn’t update at all Full email address. A common problem with the service, which is slow or unavailable. On Twitter and on the Downdetector website, various reports from customers continued to circulate, talking about the impossibility of accessing the service. Most of the problems are found in the United States, but there is no shortage of reports from Italy.

More or less the same happened at Apple last week, too Facetime add iMessage which was obstructed. Finally, the Cupertino OEM fixed the problem in no time. And the same thing happened this time. The Californian company worked to restore the service, and a few hours after the problem appeared, it was quickly and easily resolved. by accessing Apple’s “System Status” page, Everything is confirmed.

This is not the first time such a problem has occurred in the past few days. Just a few days ago WhatsApp, with a general recession that caused more discussion in our country. About 3 hours of being unable to access the messaging platform, before Zuckerberg’s company’s developer team intervened to fix it.


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