Endless applications, it must not be missing on your smartphone Thousands of euros are saved


Blessed apps, without them, we would never have survived in the technological age. Always keeping an eye on the list of malware carriers, they are growing every day. But mostly they serve like hotcakes.

Speaking of bread, the idea of ​​eating is consequential. How to satisfy one of the pleasures of life, when you want stress (and therefore forgetfulness), you want on time (because of work), the fridge is empty at dinner time? Here again is blessed application It will save you in a smart way.

With this app you will save like never before

Among them is one that is finding more and more consensus and the confirmation comes after the success of the Android version, which led developers to Bengal of Rome Also for those who love devices branded by Apple, the world’s most famous bite.

That is why it has become famous among apps

Bengal of Rome It’s also free in the iOS version and allows anyone who downloads it to see the food available near your home in real time, just by entering the time. You can comment, always useful for reviews, even without necessarily registering.

To create an app dedicated to the Bengali language were two young Romans who found themselves walking for a long time, unable to find what they were looking for. – Blog posts – A simple beer whose price was acceptable even in the evening. At this point, they decided to help those who, sooner or later, find themselves in their situation

Rome Bengal 20220825 Cell
Bengali in Rome, New Google App – Adobe Stock

Also available online as Bengali of Rome Bangladino And allows you to find all this quickly and within the reach of the app, also to know the closing times and the price of the cheapest 66 cl beer in each store. For those who live in Rome, the name of the app is easy to understand.

Responsibly drunk, night owls, made by flears for real flears”, the founders, apparently two from Rome, defined their creation thus. One of many anti-crisis apps, designed for those who don’t pay more than 2 euros and 50 beers.

Attention, however, there is another reason that made this application famous Five thousand downloads To those who have downloaded it. Bengal is not only in Rome, but also in the rest of Italy: from Milan to Turin, through Brescia and even Florence.

How does it work? Select the time and filter the shops open only at that moment, here the map shows you the nearest one in a few seconds. And what’s cheaper. Cheers!

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